Todd Woody

Todd Woody is a veteran journalist covering green technology and the environment. Based in California, he is currently the senior editor for environment and wildlife at TakePart, the digital news arm of Participant Media, the Los Angeles film company that produced “An Inconvenient Truth,” “Food, Inc.,” “Fast Food Nation,” and other well-received documentaries. Prior to joining Participant Media, Todd covered environmental and green tech issues as a contributor to The New York Times, The Atlantic, Quartz, and other publications. He formerly was the environmental editor at Forbes magazine, a senior editor at Fortune magazine, an assistant managing editor at Business 2.0 magazine, and the business editor of the San Jose Mercury News.


  • Aviation Biofuels on the Runway

    Aviation Biofuels on the Runway

    Biofuels have powered luxury business jets and military planes. Now they're revving up for a takeoff in commercial flights.