James M. Lane

James M. Lane is a journalist, author, and failed (his description) television comedy writer, and is the editor of Biofuels Digest. Before founding the influential digest, he worked as a magazine publisher at Petersen and Reed Elsevier and as a journalist for Harper’s magazine, radio, television and print. He has also written 10 books, including Citizen Cane: Essays for New Days in Bioenergy.



  • The Exploding RIN

    The Exploding RIN: Friend or Foe?

    Read any stories about renewable fuels in the mainstream media lately? If so, they may have focused on this year’s jump in gasoline prices – an increase that reporters often tie to ethanol.

  • Algae's Water Problem

    Algae's Water Problem

    Over the years, the pans and raves about algae-based biofuels have certainly been memorable. A number of scowling negative reviews would have done American Idol’s Simon Cowell proud. Conversely, some promotional claims appear to have come directly out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe where, one gathers, the Laws of Thermodynamics have been conveniently suspended.

  • Biofuel: Great Expectations

    Great Expectations: A Tale of Two Industries

    Let’s cut the biofuels industry some slack. After all, it took 1,631 U.S. automotive company failures to give birth to the massive auto industry that emerged.

  • Waste to energy

    Waste: The Final Frontier

    What is waste, exactly? An odious set of things, a concept, a residue? Here's another way to look at it: as a failure of imagination.