Elaine Herscher

Elaine Herscher is an award-winning health and science writer and web editor with more than two decades of experience in journalism. She is a former reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle and co-author of the book Generation Extra-Large: Rescuing Our Children from the Epidemic of Obesity (Perseus, 2004).



  • The Exploding RIN

    The Exploding RIN: Friend or Foe?

    Read any stories about renewable fuels in the mainstream media lately? If so, they may have focused on this year’s jump in gasoline prices – an increase that reporters often tie to ethanol.

  • RIN fraud

    RIN Fraud

    The renewable fuel credits known as RINs are supposed to be evidence that we’re on the road to greener fuel, but in 2012 some 140 million of them took a detour.

  • On the road to grassoline

    On the Road to Grassoline

    When he was just 19, George Huber went on a two-year mission to Guatemala for his church and was shocked by what he saw.

  • Extremophiles: A Guide to Microbes That Live on the Edge

    One of them can survive in temperatures as high as 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Another lives deep below the surface of Arctic ice. And still another is so tough, so resistant to everything nature and humans can possibly throw at it, that some scientists have nicknamed it “Conan the Bacterium.”